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Month: September, 2018

Aged Like A Fine Wine

This site isn’t for the inexperienced. This is for the people that appreciate the women that have lived. The ones that have been around the block. Seen the world. Explored and experimented. Ones that have stories to tell and are eager for more adventures. These women are absolutely captivating.

I’ve always been attracted to older women. I love that they know more than me. The fact that my experiences pale in comparison to theirs. They are always so patient and kind with their knowledge. Never giving me more than I can handle. Always knowing when to push a little harder and when to be gentle. You get so much with a woman of age and right now you can get up to 73% off Anilos with our discount.

Give these women the respect and attention they deserve. These goddesses of knowledge. Such energy and sexuality emitting from these beauties. Scene after wonderful scene you’ll be in awe as you watch them keep you standing at attention until they tell you to stand down.